was started as a project to show off my photos and to have a presence on the internet to voice my opinions.  This is not the first web site I have built, but it is the first time I have put any serious planning and effort into the design.  Web design is not one of the things I have spent much time learning, but with visual tools like FrontPage I don't have to go anywhere near HTML code.  This is a good thing, as my abilities tend more toward the hardware side of the information technology industry.  I am a certified PC hardware support specialist, and a true hardware geek, I own 3 computers and all 3 have been tweaked and modified to get as much performance and stability out of them as possible.    To view my Professional Resume please contact me here.

Enough about computers and work, this site is supposed to be about biking.  I own 3 mountain bikes that I have acquired over the span of several years. 

My oldest bike is a steel DeKerf Generation cross country bike. 

2003 NorcoVPS Drop full suspension.

 Balfa Minuteman.